Membership Information

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The Pomona Concert Band Band members are not just from Pomona, but represent at least 2 dozen nearby communities as well.  Adult and high school musicians are welcome to participate: attend one of our Tuesday evening rehearsals in the Community Center at Ganesha Park in Pomona and see if it is for you.

Band Members can add their email addresses to our email list to receive band announcements.  Click here to subscribe, for members only please.


2017 Current Membership Roster

   Mary Stone

   Christopher Figueroa
   Jacqueline Gamble
   Debby McDonald *
   Mary Stone

   Timothy Hite *
   Jacqueline Stong

English Horn:
   Jacqueline Stong

   Richard Hiestand

Eb Clarinet:
   James D. Lytthans

   Leslie Anguiano
   Martha Benson
   Harold Croulet
   Carol Hopping
   Georgia Kopitzke
   James D. Lytthans *#
   Lynette Lytthans
   Andres Meza
   Jordan Rivera
   Robert Rudder
   Andrew Vallejo

Bass Clarinet:
   Jeffrey Lewis *

Color Guard Coordinator:
   U.S.A.F. Ret. Sr. MSgt.
   Heriberto Feliciano

Alto Saxophone:
   John Kibbler *
   Sheila Lafor
   Carlos Mendoza

Tenor Saxophone:
   Juan Perez
   Dena Pride *

Baritone Saxophone:
   Floyd Zinner

   Steven Collins
   Arthur E. Farr
   Miyoshi Feliciano
   Thomas Laffey
   Christopher Northrop
   Mike Pfister
   Fernando Quintana
   Saheli Singh
   Allan Small *

French Horn:
   Lenore Brashier
   Gregory Cosner *
   Isaac Gonzales
   Karen Greenwood
   Howard Ham
   Angel Ramirez
   Zelne Zamora

   Isaac Gonzales
   Mary Stone

   Clinton Doyle
   Jeanne Hartman
   Kerry Kline *
   Roger Northrop
   Don Rea

Bass Trombone:
   Luciano Buck
   Brian Schrader *

   Christopher Briggs
   Thomas Hill
   Steven Klein
   Matt Nowlin
   Norman Taylor *

   Jorge Garcia
   David Martinez
   Sarah Silva
   David Schaafsma *

String Bass:
   Daniel Ramirez

   Josenee Chien
   Lucas Critchfield
   Isaac Gonzales
   Kenneth Sterling *

   Lucas Critchfield

   Ray Stephens

Musical Director/Conductor:
   Linda W. Taylor

Assistant Conductor:
   Dr. Jorge Garcia

* Principal     # Concert Master